One of the biggest challenges of business entities is the language barrier. If you’re an entrepreneur running a start-up company, employing a person whose only role is to translate documents might be impractical. On the other hand, it might slow down your productivity if you do not have someone whom you can rely on when it comes to translating documents. So, how do you go about addressing this issue? Of course, your best bet is to seek the services of a company that offers translation services. Note that even multi-million dollar firms outsource this task, as it helps them save on costs compared to employing a translator.

Finding a translation agency is easy, given the fact that all you need to do is browse the internet. However, finding a reliable company is a different story. With every company claiming to be the best in the business, landing in the hands of incompetent ones is unavoidable. However, you can avoid incompetent companies provided that you do your homework before making a decision. On that note, below is a list of the factors that must be put into consideration when in search of a translation agency.

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Track Record

Knowing the track record of the translation agency is the first step to determining whether or not they’re worth hiring. Therefore, check the official site of the company to have an idea of their previous works. Find out which companies they have had provided their services. If you see several big named companies, then that is an indication that the company has an impressive track record.


Next, find out about their area of specialization. Do they specialize in translating legal documents? Do they offer translation services of medical documents? Choose a translation agency that is expert in translating documents in your industry. For instance, if you’re a web developer needing assistance in translating website content, then choose a company who specializes in website translations.

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Moreover, ensure that they can translate the language with ease. For instance, if you have some English-written documents that you need to get translated into French Quebec, then the company should be able to translate english to french quebec. Note that French Quebec is different from European French. There is also another French language spoken in Canada, which is called Acadian French. Do not make the mistake of hiring a translation company who only knows how to translate European French if what you need is french Quebec.


Lastly, ensure that the company provides its services at reasonable prices. As mentioned earlier, the reason why you’re outsourcing these tasks is to save on costs. Therefore, see to it that the company offers value for money services.